Seal Pups Sick From Radioactive Pacific Ocean

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There is an abundance of reports detailing the ongoing demise of seals and sea lions washing up on west coast shores.

See Christian Science Monitor article that suspects radiation from Fukushima as a possible culprit. 

Also Zero Hedge has a compilation of articles showing the various ways in which Fukushima radiation is the most likely cause of this tragedy.

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Plight of the Pelicans

Brown Pelicans fly near the Salton Sea and a geothermal energy plant in Imperial Valley
Brown Pelicans fly near the Salton Sea and a geothermal energy plant in Imperial Valley



The brown pelican population is experiencing a most unusual breeding season.  Apparently, the Mexican breeding grounds of the California brown pelican is almost void of fledglings, per KPCC and Environmental Reporter, Jed Kim.  He estimates that pelicans have reared less than one percent of the young they normally would."

“It’s been almost a nearly complete failure to breed, which is quite unusual actually,” from  Dan Anderson, a professor emeritus at the University of California.

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Radiation in Pacific Salmon

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From the Fraser River in Canada, reports of YELLOW Salmon. Alexandra Morton has never seen anything like what she found last fall, salmon that were completely yellow, through and through. There are reports that the pre-spawn mortality rates are on the rise as many species making their way up the Canadian waterways die before reaching their spawning areas. 

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What if the Fukushima nuclear fallout crisis had happened in the US?

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There are 104 nuclear reactors in the United States. If one of them lost both primary and backup power for even a matter of hours, it could lead to a meltdown and an airborne radioactive plume. Since the distance from Japan to the United States West Coast is approximately 3000 miles, we would all be at risk (Japan to US West Coast is approximately 5400 miles and radiation from Japan is now present in the US)

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Radiation Rain Products

Radiation Rain's commitment is to deliver the best products available to help limit exposure to deadly radiation and other enviromental dangers.

Following the Fukushima Daiichi Meltdown in March of 2011, we began to research what we could do to protect ourselves and others from the inevitable fallout from this accident. We have continued to monitor the situation in Japan and other developments here in the US, with 30+ year old reactors that are leaking all over the country.  

Our Mission was to find and provide to you products that we can use to maintain our health and safety.

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